Understanding the house closing process

A process of closing a house is often confusing to both home sellers and buyers. Home closing can be different from state to state and country to country. When you are selling your house or you are a buyer, a completion of home closing process is highly necessary for all. Closing actually occurs when you sign the essential papers which make the house yours. Before you own a house, there are a lot of things you have to do. The escrow and insurance companies will work on different tasks for more than a week to the perfect home closing. There are some necessary steps available in this house closing process.


Open escrow:

Escrow is actually an account of the third party on behalf of the two selling and buying parties in the transaction. When the buyers or sellers think to avoid getting ripped off, it is extremely important to have a neutral third party to hold all the documents and money related to their transaction.

Make a title search and get title insurance:

A title search and also the title insurance give you a complete peace of mind. It is in fact a legal safeguard for the sellers and buyers. When the individuals are going to buy a house property, no one can try to claim it because of this title insurance.


Find a lawyer:

This third step is an optional one for you. When you wish to obtain a professional and legal opinion, you can hire and consult a skilled and experienced lawyer before you buy a house.

Discuss closing costs: 

Your escrow company won’t be expected to give its services for completely free of cost. Of course, many of those companies in this industry take benefit of customer’s ignorance and enhance their bottom lines by charging rubbish fees. So, discuss all types of fees with your selected escrow company to avoid unnecessary payments.


Finish the home inspection:

A house inspection is not necessarily required, but you can be stupid not to get one performed. If you obtain a serious problem in future with the home inspection, you can have an opportunity to stop the deal or ask a seer to fix the issues.

Finish the pest inspection:

A pest inspection is completely different from the home inspection. It usually involves a specialist who makes sure that the house doesn’t have any wood destroying insects like carpenter ants or termites.


Re-discuss the offer:

Even the buyers have already accepted a buying deal of the house, it is better consulting your offer again after the property repairs to avoid additional expenses.

Lock interest rate:

If you do not have interest rate already, it is compulsory to lock your interest rate immediately before closing the house.

Remove emergencies:

All processes such as getting finance, home inspection, pest inspection, discussing deals, and everything should be made prior to avoid emergencies.


Funding escrow:

It is a simple step in which you have to spend some money to purchase agreements.

Final walkthrough:

You should finally see a property before you are going to sign the home closing papers.

Sign the papers:

Obviously, it is a final step of closing a home process by signing the necessary papers.