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Pay for the CEO of charity organisations

In the world, disasters are happening in different places and large number of people being suffered in such incidents. Many governments of different countries will provide the essential needs to the people in different manners. People from different places will also help those people through the government or through private organizations. There are many charity organizations that are working for the people’s welfare. They help people in different ways and also in different incidents. Most of the organizations will help people those who are suffering due to natural disasters. They will collect funds from people and well developed companies in different places and donate to the people.


In the recent days there are many organizations have been developed and helping people in different situations. Since the number of organizations increased, people are being linked with many fake organizations which collect huge amount of money from the people and donate a part of amount to the victims. They do it for namesake and they also save more money to develop themselves. People have to find the trustworthy organizations before donate large amount of money. There are many things that they have to analyze before they approach them for the donations. They must evaluate the reputation and reliability of the organizations to ensure whether they are really helping thepeople or not.


Every organization will have number of employees and they will be the backbone of the organization. Some of them will be working in maintaining the administration processes that are happening inside the office and some of them will be visiting the affected places to help and recover the people from natural disasters. Though there are many employees in an organization, sometimes many volunteers will come forward to help people without getting money as salary. But generally, the employees in the welfare organizations will be getting some amount of salary. As the employees are very important for this process, a CEO is also very important to lead the organization in the right way.


Generally, all the people welfare organizations will have a team of board members to take important decisions and also to organize the things which are being processed in the organizations. Similarly, there will be a CEO in all the welfare groups and he will be having the top position in the organization. All the important things will be processed with the approval and the guidance of the CEO. As all other employees, the CEO will also get salary but as a big amount. The salary of the CEO will be based of several things as follows:

  • Based on their years of experience and the job profile, their salary will be fixed.
  • Every organization will look for an expert to guide them in the right way. Hence the way of performing will also determines the salary of the CEO.
  • Persons who had the work experience in an esteemed organization can get high pay from the organization.
  • The leadership skills of the person will be the most important thing in deciding the salary.