Knowing the Type of Gold You Should Own

Gold is becoming more valuable these days and people invest in it much more than a commodity. Platinum is still valuable, but the gold has a tremendous hold on the market. From gold bars to gold coins, you can really diversify your investment portfolio and create a serious account of value. Gold holds a lot more weight these days per ounce and you can easily sell it to the highest bidder especially when the gold you own is more on the rare side. With the economic down turn, it’s helpful to have something that keeps rising in value rather than stagnates. Here’s how to know what type of gold you should own.

Why You Should Consider Owning Gold in the First Place


Gold is simply worth the time and effort of acquiring. It’s a sound investment that exceeds the dollar bill in a lot of cases. In fact, it acts completely opposite of the dollar. While inflation can lead the dollar to decreasing, gold has an intrinsic value that can keep rising regardless of greenbacks. Many investors consider gold to be more of a safe haven because it operates on its own currency. That’s why $20 gold coin can actually buy you a great designer suit with some money leftover. While a $20 bill, might be just enough to take your suit to the cleaners. There’s also a rich history that comes with gold that makes it more intriguing for the buyer. The best thing to do is research the best option. This way you’ll come in full-fledged knowing why you should even consider getting a gold piece.

Owning an American Gold Coin


There are some unique gold coins from the US market. However, they are not very abundant, so this increases the value significantly. The proof coins are the main ones that create this demand due to its scarcity. Obviously, this raises the price to another level. One reason is due to the US Mint not producing certain coins for a year or two. Also, they may print just a small amount whenever they do so collectors go bonkers over the limited edition coins. One major proof coin is the Proof American Eagle (struck multiple times and has a special dye). It’s very valuable with the gold content, the look, and how it’s hard to get in this market.

Collecting a European Gold Coin

3These are typically smaller like an ounce size. They are also government minted rather than using a private one which means they are more recognized internationally. This is perfect because you want that reputation worldwide. There are a few major coins that come to mind when dealing with European style mint. The French Angel coin was around during the French Revolution, and Napoleon was in possession of this metal. Also, if you want to talk about British Sovereignty, you can always date back to the Henry the VII, who issued the 20 Schilling gold coin. These coins still fetch a decent price these days even though they may not be as rare as some of the American pieces.  All in all, this knowledge will give you the tools needed to get great gold.