Money Management

How You Can Avoid Following Ridiculous Stock Tips

Good stocks are one in a few especially in a market of decline. You need to make yourself aware of all things that make sense. There are just certain readings that sound off because they actually don’t even correlate to the current stock news. Some stock predictions are way too left field to even reason. Don’t follow a pattern of 100 years ago when the climate has changed. Additionally, don’t base anything off the recent pop charts. Here are some ways you can help avoid following ridiculous stock tips.

Following the Pop Charts and Fashionimage1

Maybe you’re thinking of choosing something based off the latest Rihanna or Miley Cyrus track. Well, you would not be surprised how certain stock tips have been shown from previous pop records. For example, there’s a theory that suggests the Beatles breakup was a sign that the market bottomed out in 1970. Sounds a bit weird, right? Another thing goes with the popular brands or fashions of the day. Let’s say you are around a woman and she’s wearing a short skirt. Some researchers believe the market will rise when the headlines go below the knee and prices fall when they have the higher heel. Some people truly base things off not nonsensical things like how a big band either falters or the way society works in the fashion industry. These are two ridiculous claims that don’t even fit the bill for predicting. Sure, there’s a pattern somewhere in there but that doesn’t make it relevant. However, you should stick with something that only relates to stocks. It’s just like if you wore blue on a day that a president won an election. If you wear that color again, chances are the results won’t be the same. It’s all coincidence.

Does Hollywood and Other Popular Culture Impact Your Stock Decisions?


Some researchers even go as far to say that the more horror films that Hollywood releases, it’ll directly affect the price drop of the stock market. Other ridiculous claims include sports. For example, if the original NFC team wins a Super Bowl, the market will rise. Sometimes people have a more astrological or zodiac kind of following. This is a bit more popular because of the belief in horoscopes. All of these hold no mathematical evidence or shown any real relation with a stock. These are all just myths that people come up with to entice some sort of “luck” or “misfortune” to the uninformed.


What Should You Follow?


You should measure trends based on the longevity of things. For example, if you invest in oranges, it might not be wise to do that in a time at the dead of winter. The thing is that all researchers have their opinion. Some people might just get their name out in the media, and that’s pretty much it. It’s about following a collective that makes sense. Any single, so-called expert can be right, but it’s the consistency that matters. Pick your choice based on actual facts. Use your intuition and know-how to avoid following a ridiculous stock plan.