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Evaluate the charity before associate with them

In the world, many tragedy incidents are happening in different places and many people are being suffered. Nobody can predict the natural disasters which are going to happen in the future. Similarly nobody can be precautious when such things are occurred. The nature can destroy anything in the form of earthquake, flood, volcanic eruption, etc. If this is happening naturally in one side, on the other side some unwanted incidents are occurred because of the terrorists and the wars between countries.  Whatever the disaster, large number of people will be suffered and many people lost their life in such happenings.


When different places are being affected by the natural disasters, many government and people from different countries will donate many things to help those people who are suffered. There are many private organizations and welfare groups which are working to lend a hand to the people in their bad times. Though many of them are working in a good manner, some of those organizations are doing lot of scams in the charity process. They will collect the money from the people in the name of charity and they will donate only a part of the amount. They will save the remaining for their own purposes.


These scams are being happened in many incidents in the world’s history. But people who are ready to donate money to help the victims will not aware of such fake organizations. There are several things that they need to know about the organization before they donate.


  • Many organizations are working as a non-profit association and they will be really helping the people. Meanwhile some of organizations will be started by a well-developed business companies and they will use these incidents to promote their name. They will be cheating in collecting donation amount from the people.
  • If you are interested to help people, then you need to analyze the complete information about the company.
  • If you find it is a non-profitable organisation, then you need to check the financial health of the organisation. You have to know how they help people and how they collect money from the people.
  • You should also analyze who are the major sponsors who are providing different sources in helping the people. This will help you to find the reputation of the organization. You must also know the board of members in the organization.
  • Then you must know about the accountability and transparency of the organizations. This will give you an idea about the reliability of the particular welfare association.
  • You must know whether the organization is reporting the results of the charity works they have done. Many of the organizations will have the clear report on the amount they have spent, number of people worked in the charity work and number of people employed in the organizations. Hence you can trust such organizations and donate money.
  • Likewise, you have to analyze different things before you associate with an organization and helping people suffered in the disasters.